13th-century Norseman, transplanted to southern England

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Main Activities


Learning, teaching, researching, and re-creating Medieval and Renaissance Dance. I have even begun creating new dances and tunes using the steps and musical structure typical of English Country dances.


Helping SCA members create personas, research and select names appropriate to those personas, and design heraldic devices.

Thrown Weapons

Warranted marshal for axe, knife, and spear throwing, trained in range safety, weapons inspection, and pedagogy.


Learning about and creating items with leather. Projects have so far included belts, cups, masks, and shoes.


Brewing beer and slowly learning about whole grain brewing and methods of brewing beer in the Middle Ages.


At Pennsic 45 I took some weaving classes and eventually bought an inkle loom. I have started with weaving small things like belts and cords, then I hope to work up to place mats, rugs, etc.


Awards received as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism

Order of the Saltire

Membership in this order may be offered to an individual that has shown a proven record of widespread guidance and instruction, enriching the abilities of the Northshield populace. No more than four people may be admitted to this order in any reign.

Award of the Black Flame

Given to those who show proficiency in one or more of the Arts or Sciences, including a level of participation beyond their own personal endeavors.

Order of the Willow (Midrealm)

The Order of the Willow is an award given by the crown to those who have shown proficiency in the arts.

Order of the Purple Fret (Midrealm)

The Award of the Purple Fret is an award given by the crown to those who have shown long and devoted service to a group, office or Kingdom.


A short biography mostly as it relates to the SCA


I first joined the SCA in the late 80s. I've moved around the Middle Kingdom over the years, living in the Canton of Rimsholt, the Shire of Mynedd Seren, the Barony of Windhaven (when Northshield was still a principality), the Barony of Sternfeld, the Shire of Rivenvale, and the Shire of Rokeclif, getting involved with whatever activities the local groups did. I've been a member off and on as life, jobs, moving, school, and other social activities (such as being in community handbell ensembles) allowed. When I moved to Rivenvale in 2012, I was able to get involved more regularly, both in time and in activities and offices. At the end of 2016, I moved to the Kingdom of Northshield, the Shire of Rokeclif.

In Rivenvale, I have held the offices of Herald, Webminister, and Thrown Weapons Deputy, as well as taking on the role of Dancemaster. It is easy to get sucked into every aspect of the SCA, but if you get involved with everything as deeply as possible, you'll burn out. I decided to select a few areas that I would focus on. That's why I never got involved with bardic activities -- I don't have the time and energy to focus on just that and do it well. My main area of focus has become dance: learning different dances, teaching them, reconstructing Playford's dances, and creating new ones similar to Playford's English Country Dance.

While I lived in Rivenvale, only one hour away from Pennsic, attendance there was a moral imperative. I attended attending Pennsic for three years in a row, Pennsic 43-45 (2014-2016), and P45 was my first year teaching classes there. The classes were about dancing. Pennsic 43 was where I got warranted as a Thrown Weapons marshal.

Since I have moved to the Kingdom of Northshield, I have been active in the Shire of Rokeclif. We have had dance practices and our monthly research nights are awesome.I am warranted as our Shire's Herald and Webminister. Northshield is a big kingdom with some hefty distances between local groups, so teaching dance has sometimes meant traveling 2-3 hours, or even 8 to South Dakota, but spreading the joy of dance is worth it. I have even helped bring back the Northshield Dance Seminar, a kingdom-level event focused on dance.

Kingdom of Northshield

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The best way to contact me is at hakon.sca [at] gmail [dot] com