Sellenger’s Round

or The Beginning of the World

Circle Dance for as many couples as will

(The Siding in this video is more modern. We just meet at the shoulder and then go back.)


Verse I.

A1&2 – Take hands, 8 Slip Steps left. Then 8 Slip Steps back to the right.

B1* – Single Forward, Single Forward, clap. Double Back, face partner, Set and Turn Single.
B2 – Repeat B1.

Verse II.

A1&2 – All take hands, Double Forward into the center, then Double Back. That again.

B1&2 –  As in Part I.

Verse III.

A1&2 – Side right with partner. Side left with partner.

B1&2 –   As in Part I.

Verse IV.

A1&2 – Arm right with partner. Arm left with partner.

B1&2 –   As in Part I.

* NOTE: In Northshield, we dance the B1 section with the lords going in and the ladies going out. Switch that for the B2 section.