Line Dance for as many couples as will (facing up the hall)


Part I.

Lead up a Double and back. Repeat. 1st Couple cast off and lead down the outside, the rest following, then lead back up to your place.

Part II.

Arched Hey: All take hands, the 1st Couple facing down. 1st Couple goes under the 2nd Couple’s hands, then over the 3rd Couple, etc. All others follow, turning when you reach the end, and continuing until everyone is back to their original places.

Part III.

1st Couple turn each other by the right hand once and a half around. Then turn the 2nd (Opposite) person. Continue down the line, turning your Partner by the right hand and the others on your side by the left hand.

NOTE: There are quite a few different tunes that this dance might use. Many local SCA groups use different tunes.