Handouts used in classes that I have taught in the SCA:

  • SCA Dance for Total Beginners – Introduction to some very basic steps, then simple terms to teach by easy dances from four different traditions: French bransle, Inns of Court, English Country Dance, and Italian
  • Processional Dances – Three easy dances from the Inns of Court that work well as processionals to begin court or dance demos. Dances include Earl of Essex Measure, Lorayne Alman, and Queen’s Alman
  • Nail the Hey – a class that breaks down the different kinds of ‘heys’ and empowers the dancers to get every ‘hey’ comfortably, applying what was learned to dancing Grimstock
  • Playford’s Dancing Master – some helpful documents

I have also made handouts for many dances, including the instructions and the melody. They are available on my Dance Collection page.